14 March 2019

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Individuals (Book)

100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia for Individuals has been crafted to help ordinary Malaysians who want to understand more about income tax and the tax-saving ideas that they can use to reduce their tax burden, whilst keeping within the law. The book will show how to plan your tax affairs and to strategies to make the most of the deductions, reliefs, rebates and tax exemptions that are available to you as an individual. Husbands and wives will receive guidance on how to plan their financial affairs in tax-efficient ways so as to build adequate savings to provide for their children’s education and their own retirement. Learn also about the workings of the self-assessment system including monthly tax deductions and how the well-informed can use their knowledge to optimize their financial resources.

Individuals who want to stay in control of their tax affairs will appreciate the fact that tax planning is not just a once-a-year chore. This book should prove helpful not only for tax filing but for forward tax planning. Whether you are a Malaysian citizen or resident, a permanent resident, a returning expert or a person enjoying MM2H status, there is something of interest for you in this popular work. Employees, company directors, retirees and persons engaged in business or a profession, either individually or as a partner – in fact, any individual who is or is potentially a Malaysian taxpayer, can benefit from the wealth of ideas presented in this book with its easy to read yet informative style, clear examples and comprehensive index. Specially tailored for you – the individual taxpayer – this book builds on the pedigree of successful editions of the highly acclaimed 100 Ways to Save Tax in Malaysia series.

Training ESQ For Teens. Penyertaan Dibuka Sekarang!

Minggu ini kita dikejutkan dengan berita seorang pelajar Tingkatan 1 yang cuba untuk membunuh diri kerana kecewa, pelajar yang diminatinya dikatakan bermain cinta dengan lelaki lain.

Tujuan hidup yang jelas perlu diterapkan pada anak-anak muda seusia mereka ini. Kerana di zaman remaja, mereka masih mencari-cari identiti diri. Kita sebagai orang yang 'pernah remaja', yang pernah mengalami suka duka kehidupan remaja, perlu membimbing mereka, bukan hanya membiarkan mereka tanpa arah tuju.

Tanpa tujuan hidup yang jelas, mereka akan mengharungi hari-hari mendatang tanpa mengetahui untuk apa sebenarnya mereka hidup. Dikhuatiri, mereka akan terjerumus ke dalam gejala sosial yang semakin membimbangkan ketika ini.

Training ESQ For Teens lebih dari sekadar training biasa. Ia menggabungkan aspek Visual, Audio dan Kinestatik (VAK) dan modul disampaikan dengan pendekatan yang sesuai dengan usia remaja.

Saya yakin dan percaya, dengan izin Allah, selepas menghadiri training ini, mereka akan mula mengenal tiga perkara ini ; siapa kita, untuk apa kita hidup, ke mana kita selepas mati.

Jom! Daftarkan anak-anak anda. Penyertaan dibuka untuk mereka yang berusia 13 hingga 18 tahun. Dibuka sekarang!